I don’t know how to handle being with someone who is very attractive because I don’t see myself as equally attractive. I don’t feel as beautiful in this society anymore because of social media. I see so many beautiful girls on twitter and tumblr and Instagram that it’s hard to even want to leave the house!! I’m sure this sounds pathetic but it honestly kinda is. It’s just hard to wrap my head around the idea of someone wanting me when there are so many other girls who are far more beautiful and have better clothing and prettier hair and a better smile and a lot more going for them.

Wow you are gorgeous


Hey thanks. Little messages like this make me feel nice.

9/1/14. Genuinely unhappy with how I look.

untitled by marie havre on Flickr.

I felt a pain in my heart this morning because I noticed that my dear sweet Divine Lorraine lost one of her letters.

i’m not even going to wait until october this year
the ghost jokes have begun

Jon Simmons of Balance & Composure (by Windows Down Mag [Crossed Out Becausewhy])

everyone nowadays